SiteCopy Premium Landing Page Grabber 4.2

The SiteCopy Premium Landing Page Grabber allows you to copy any website and landing, put it under your own domain by applying different settings: the copyright on the image synonymization text replacement pieces of code / text / words and stuff. If you want to copy Landing - the script will automatically create a handler for the form, which, when filled, will send the order information to your email.


Simple Interface of Admin Panel

Website homepage copying has never been easier thanks to the SiteCopy Premium Website and Landing Page Grabber. Offering many applications for the ultimate customization of your website homepage, rest assured you will achieve the look and content you desire.



  • Fully Responsive .
  • Copying 99% of Sites .
  • Working with Subdomains .
  • Working with Get requests .
  • Regular Expressions .
  • Text Synonymization .
  • Css Customization .
  • Proxy Support .
  • Picture Resizing and Watermarks .
  • Multi Installation .
  • Suport for Php Injection .
  • Powerful Administration Panel .
  • Built-in Form Handler :


Taking full advantage of the power the SiteCopy Premium Landing Page Grabber offers all the functionality and customization required to copy any websites of your dreams. With its simple good-looking design, as well as effective and efficient ability to arrange, organize, and copy content on pages and blog posts in a variety of attractive and useful ways, the SiteCopy Premium Landing Page Grabber proves to be a solid, long-term investment.

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